Congratulations on your sacred passage into motherhood! Whether you have come to parenting through childbirth, surrogacy, or adoption; or whether you are welcoming your first or fifth child, this journey can be exciting, intimidating, empowering, tiresome, and blissful all at once. 

As a Postpartum Doula, I am here to help ease this transition for you. Through providing support, education, and a gentle helping hand, I can ensure that you and your family will feel cared for.

As new mothers, we sometimes find ourselves feeling challenged or overwhelmed. We may wonder how it is possible to fulfill the many needs our newborn has, while also attending to the needs of our family, our home, and ourselves.

I am here to kindly remind you that you aren’t meant to do it all. At Living in HARMONY, I believe that the journey into parenthood takes a village. As a new parent, you are meant to rest, to listen to your body, to bond with your baby, and to slowly ease into this new chapter of your life.

Over time, I will help you learn the important balance of providing care for your growing family, while listening and attending to your own personal needs as well. I believe in mothering the new mother, that is, until she feels strong and empowered enough to thrive on her own. 

I’m so very happy you have found Living in HARMONY Postpartum Doula Services! I look forward to hearing from you, and learning how I can assist you and your growing family during such a wonderful time in your lives!