A Gentle Welcome Home            

 Three visits during first week home - 6 total hours of care                         $150

Looking for a little support in the first few days home with your baby? Not sure what those first few days might be like? With this package, you will receive care during your first week home after birth. This package is ideal for families who may not have family members around to help out in those first several days. I will be there to gently welcome you home. While you rest and bond with your baby, I can run errands, prepare comforting meals, and of course provide you and your family with loving support. 


Finding Balance            

Weekly visits for first six weeks - 12 total hours of care                                $300

Are you welcoming home your second or third baby? Thinking you may need an extra set of hands each week to help keep your home running smoothly? During those first 6 weeks postpartum, I can help ease this transition for you. Whether it be weekly groceries, laundry, tidying up, watching your newborn while you shower or nap, you name it. This package will have you covered so you can find the balance you need during this time. 


Living in Harmony                                  

Three visits per week for first six weeks - 24 total hours of care                   $600

Feeling like you need it all? Whether this be your first babe or your third, sometimes we simply need to feel pampered. With this package, you will receive several visits per week during the first six weeks of your fourth trimester. Each visit when I arrive, we will work together to find what is needed most that day. Whether I take your baby outside for a walk while you hop in the tub for a soothing bath, or I fold your laundry while we check in together and discuss how things are going, this package will enable you to live in harmony with your family. 

* 5% discount on hourly rate with any package over 20 hours